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The Risks and Danger of LNG


                                                                                  Official Selection Malibu Film Festival




About the LNG Documentary

The Risks and Danger of LNG

                                                                           Official Selection Malibu Film Festival



Filmmakers Tim Riley & Hayden Riley                                 Watch:  Interview at Malibu Film Festival


     The Risks and Danger of LNG demonstrates the imminent perils of LNG, its vulnerability to accidental disaster and terrorism; and reveals how massive its destruction can be to our communities.

     “We felt we had to make the film to offset the energy industry’s relentless spin, and to vividly demonstrate to the public the actual perils of LNG by exposing its true volatility and danger to our American communities. This is the film that LNG proponents don’t want you to see,” says Tim Riley, who also co-wrote the film. 

     "We did not try to make a slick Hollywood popcorn movie, nor was a film festival even on our radar screen," says co-producer Hayden Riley, "We made the movie to provide vital information to all Americans about the real hazards of LNG by focusing on the actual risks and dangers of LNG which are routinely minimized by the energy industry, LNG proponents, LNG investors, political allies and their internet blogging friends."





Watch:  NBC & FOX News Special Reports Highlight LNG Documentary Film




Los Angeles  The 15th annual Environmental Media Association Awards recognized works that expand public awareness of environmental issues.  Kudos were presented in Los Angeles. Al Gore delivered the keynote address.


Photo: Al Gore embraces Filmmakers Tim & Hayden Riley at EMA Awards


      FOX TV Military & Terrorism Analyst Praises LNG Film

 Colonel David Gavigan, Military and terrorism analyst FOX TV, praises film The Risks and Danger of LNG:

   "This has to be an award winner. When I watched the film it gave me more insight into the dangers that communities face by the greed of large companies to site dangerous materials in populated areas. I feel that your work should set an example for others who wish to protect the public. The detail in your film of the dangers of LNG should leave no doubt in anyone's mind that we are facing a crisis when an LNG facility is sited in populated areas. It should be mandatory for every first responder to view this film."




Film Impacts Law Makers Worldwide

UK: Parliament, House of Commons January 15, 2008 

    “International evidence on LNG explosions is legion. Tim Riley’s documentary film, 'The Risks and Dangers of LNG', and the 2003 Californian study predicting up to 70,000 casualties from an LNG accident or terrorist attack, graphically set out the implications.”      

Debate of Bill seeking to improve protection for communities across Britain from the new development of potentially dangerous industrial sites.     Planning (Location of Hazardous Sites)    15 Jan 2008 Column 794  More

UK: Parliament, House of Commons November 20, 2006

    “For the sceptical, there is ample evidence of major LNG fire incidents—for instance, in the USA. As a result of their experience, no such plant is allowed in America within miles of residential homes. An American documentary film, 'The Risks and Dangers of LNG' by Tim Riley, covers many aspects of the dangers of LNG, including the history of accidents, the environmental impact, spills and vapour clouds, and the terrorist implications in relation to LNG tanks, tankers and pipelines.”

Debate over Liquefied Natural Gas (Canvey Island)    20 Nov 2006 Columns 383, 384



Why The Film Was Produced    

Disaster movie makes case by Dann Rogers 

Upstream,  May 5, 2005

"They made the film to alert the public to what they describe as the imminent perils of LNG by demonstrating its vulnerability to accidental disaster, terrorism, and how massive its destruction can be to coastal communities.

'We are trying to prevent a catastrophe, so it was fitting that our film would find its world premiere in Malibu because that coastal haven is currently being threatened by two LNG facility proposals.'

The filmmakers say the energy industry uses its tremendous economic resources to promote its LNG agenda through endless press releases, newswires and commercials, which routinely minimise the hazards.

'We felt we had to make the film to offset the energy industry's relentless spin and to vividly demonstrate to the public the actual perils of LNG by exposing its true volatility and danger to our American communities.'

The early buyers of the film were the supermajors but that has since expanded to include public relations companies, safety specialists, community groups where LNG plants have been proposed, and physicians.

Customers include people from virtually every state in the US as well as Canada, Mexico, the Bahamas, the UK, Australia, New Zealand, Puerto Rico, France, the Netherlands, Sweden, Norway and Japan." More


'David' takes on the energy industry Goliath by Dann Rogers 

Upstream,  May 5, 2005

"Consumer advocates Tim and Hayden Riley of Oxnard Shores in southern California say they initially came to challenge proposals for new LNG import facilities throughout North America because they did not want their slice of paradise compromised. That effort eventually grew to include the US West Coast, then North America and then the entire western hemisphere.

'There was minimal non-corporate information about LNG available so I decided I had to dig it up and counter the claims of the energy industry who present it as a saviour of the North American energy crisis.'

To that end, he has suspended his lucrative and celebrated legal career for the past two years and spent the majority of almost every day leading the campaign against bringing LNG to the US."  More






Riley's License Public Screenings Worldwide


Public Screenings have been licensed throughout the US, Canada, UK, Italy & The Bahamas

Public screenings provide mobilizing forums for public & political LNG opposition


Example: Public Screening, Providence, RI on February 26, 2009

LNG opponents to show documentary on fuel dangers  Providence Journal

Opponents of a proposal to put a liquefied natural gas offloading facility in the middle of Mount Hope Bay are trying to raise concerns about the project with a showing of the 2004 video "The Risks & Dangers of LNG" Thursday at 7 p.m. at the Kickemuit Middle School, 525 Child St. The 45-minute video is being billed by the Kickemuit River Council and Warren Councilman Joseph DePasquale as "the film Weaver's Cove and Hess [Corporation] don't want you to see," a reference to the two developers of the project. Produced by two consumer protection advocates from Oxnard Shores, California, the video was made to demonstrate LNG's vulnerability to accidental disaster and terrorism. It also tries to show that a tanker breach could produce massive destruction to our coastal communities.  

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See the Film the Energy Industry Doesn't Want you to See





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