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We believe that a sound, safe American energy plan requires solutions that

Make America stronger not weaker 

Make America more self-sufficient not more dependent

Make America safer not more vulnerable

Make America fossil free not more polluted


Write Letters to Federal, State and Local Officials RE: LNG Endangering Our American Communities

            It is time for America to abandon its age old reliance on fossil fuel, and it is now time to invest in America and American ingenuity, and create American jobs to develop safe renewable energy sources.

            Importing and exporting Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) will endanger our residential communities and make them vulnerable to devastation from accident and terrorist sabotage

            The proliferation of LNG investment will continue to divert billions of dollars and man hours from developing safe, sustainable and renewable sources of energy. 

            It is time for America to refocus and reinvest in safe renewable energy solutions for a worldwide fossil free future.



Adapt the following sample letter for your particular community and to your own personal style.

    SEND TO: All City, County, State & Federal Representatives

    Some points to include may be as follows:    

    That you are terribly concerned that dangerous LNG tankers, LNG facilities and their associated high volume, high pressure, industrial-sized gas pipelines would expose our marine sanctuaries and residential communities to unacceptable risks and make us too vulnerable to major industrial accidental disaster or mass destruction caused by human error, earthquake, tsunami or terrorist attack. 

    Remind them of LNG's devastating volatility as exemplified by the Cleveland Disaster and the recent Algerian Disaster.  LNG accidents have happened and will continue to happen no matter how many safety checks are in place. LNG accidents, which can result from a multitude of causes, have overwhelming proportions of uncontrollable devastation.

    Remind them of the 1977, Oxnard City Council LNG EIR study showed up to 70,000 casualties from an LNG accident offshore. None of the risk assessments even considered acts of sabotage. 

    Remind them the laws of physics have not changed since 1977, we already know LNG is unsafe. What has changed, however, is the added risk of sabotage from suicidal terrorists, making an LNG presence all the more dangerous today.  The enormous facilities, tankers and pipelines will create soft-targets / sitting ducks for terrorists. Recent Homeland Security Alerts have specifically recognized LNG as a prime terrorist target. 

   Urge that money be invested in safe renewable energy sources not towards nuclear or more fossil fuel.  We don't want America's future to be further manipulated by dependency on fossil fuel. The billions of dollars being invested in LNG should be refocused and reinvested into creating American long-term safe sustainable renewables. As long as energy companies are encouraged and "permitted" to build multi-billion dollar dangerous LNG delivering schemes - the research, development and creation of safe sustainable renewable energy solutions will continue to be ignored and delayed.

     The LNG processing / transporting scheme wastes natural gas as a world resource. Liquefying, transporting and regasifying natural gas WASTES between 18% and 25% of natural gas through the LNG delivery scheme.

    Emphasize that it is irresponsible to permit industrial-size gas pipelines across our beaches and through residential communities.

    Emphasize the offshore LNG proposals are a guinea-pig projects. No such facilities exists on earth. Proposed offshore LNG facilities are untried, untested and unproven, and therefore have a high risk of accident as potentially catastrophic kinks get worked out. LNG has too dangerous a learning curve, and will endanger our lives, homes, marine sanctuaries, sensitive ecosystems, (Channel Islands National Park, and our coastal residential communities from Santa Barbara to Santa Monica.) It is naive to believe the "innovative" offshore proposals will work perfectly and flawlessly the first time out of the box; and it is equally naive to believe they would be impervious to terrorist sabotage.  

    Emphasize that storing approximately 100 million gallons of LNG on a proposed experimental floating regasification and storage unit (FSRU) LNG facility (named "Cabrillo Port," and/or the offloading LNG at the proposed experimental LNG facility at Platform Grace-  invites unprecedented disaster.

    Mooring an experimental LNG FSRU for offloading LNG tankers, regasifying and storing LNG; and offloading LNG tankers (and regasifying LNG at the old oil Platform Grace), all in unprotected seas off our shore - is untried - untested - unproven, and would be totally irresponsible.

    (If it concerns you), express your fears that property values would diminish, and homeowners insurance would become unavailable or unaffordable.

    Declare we can't afford the constant security that LNG tankers, platform facilities and pipelines would require or the increase in taxpayer burden for emergency, hospital, transportation and security infrastructure.

    Emphasize that the exclusion security zones that will move along with the LNG tankers and be enforced around the LNG Deepwater Port facilities would disrupt and damage our fishing and resort economy, and coastal quality of life.

    Emphasize that our (California) coastline is very precious and must be protected for future generations; and industrializing it with dangerous LNG facilities is absurd, and would cause irreparable harm (to California's multi-billion dollar resort industry).  

   Unacceptable levels of pollution from tankers and tugboats would also result.

   Emphasize they must not permit / not approve the applications for the LNG facilities (LNG Deepwater Ports).

    [Include other specific points that resonate with you personally, and add other concerns that your localized LNG proposal presents to your particular community.]


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